- Orders must be authorized and placed by elected officers,
district staff, or their respective designee.
All other orders will be disregarded.

- Exception - All CWA/NETT materials are free and shipped free. (item #'s begin with NET)
- Place
a different order for each department
- Allow 7-10 business day to receive order.
- Please contact us if you need the order quicker.
- All packages are shipped VIA Lease Expensive way UPS or USPS.
Questions? Contact HumanRights@cwa-union.org

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CWA Human Rights Activist - Building A Movement Sheet CWA Store Custom Order Flyer CWA STRONG AGAINST RACISM
This item is FREE. Promote your local,District, or Sector. Let the team at Universal Promotions help customize all your promotional needs. This flyer is just a sampling of what can be done for you. All Union All USA.
Hand Held Poster for Rallies and Demonstrations 11" X 19" White background with red and black lettering.
CWA FOR BLACK LIVES Poster Human Rights Posters - Vertical Human Rights Posters - Horizontal
Hand Held poster for rallies and demonstrations. 11" X 19" White background with black and red lettering. Blank and double sided "WRITE IN YOUR OWN MESSAGE" poster boards for rallies and demonstrations - vertical 13"X19"
Blank and double sided "WRITE IN YOUR OWN MESSAGE" poster boards for rallies and demonstrations - horizontal - 13"X18"
Poster for CWA Women's Rally CWA Human Rights Brochure CWA HUMAN RIGHTS TOOLKIT
11" X 19" Red Poster with white lettering "CWA WOMEN STAND for JUSTICE" and a white border; includes union bug
2019 Brochure describes the works, history, and social/economic fights of the Human Rights Department. It also explains its work with the National Women's and National CR&E Committees along with information regarding forming local Women's and CR&E committees.
This 11x8.5" booklet tells you everything you need to know about the CWA Human Rights Department, its mission, and it's immediate and long term goals.
Building Unity - CWA Diversity Training Instructors Guide